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Fruit Lines (Android 2.3+)

Clear the screen of different fruits by lining up five or more in a row. You can create vertical, horizontal and diagonal rows. As fruits disappear, three new ones arrive, so you'll have to be both fast and efficient.

"Fruit Lines for Android is a classic matching and eliminating puzzle game, which provides you a good chance to show the world your skills and reflexes. With outstanding graphics and music, it gives you a good chance to enjoy the endless smash hitting joy.

Although it's a traditional matching and eliminating game, you can have new features and unique experience when playing. Fruit Lines adds several creative innovations to the already very popular match game concept with new idea and unlimited levels of challenging fun. You should clear the screen of different fruits by lining up five or more in a row, and it's worth pointing out that, you can create vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows.

Fruit Lines requires rapid response as well as observant eyes, sometimes you may get stuck on these seemingly simple puzzles and feel like your mind is melting. Don't worry, just be patient and continue to work your way through the puzzles, you can complete it.

Though there're many games with the same rule, Fruit Lines, which perfectly collect beautiful graphics, smooth animations, sweet melody, new idea and high artistry in one game might be able to gain an edge. All in all, Fruit Lines is a challenging and highly polished game and could be the best time killer."